Springbok Casino SoftwareSpringbok casino is powered by Real Time Gaming software (RTG). RTG is one of the popular online casino software in the industry. The software was launched in 1999 in Atlanta Georgia, and has continued to offer players in Atlanta as well as across the world instant access to casino games.

RTG has managed to bring in many innovations in the industry, ranging from excellent 3D graphics, realistic sound effects to outstanding casino games, putting casino games to a completely new level.

Unlike in the past where software installation was a daunting task, today, installing the casino software is not only easy but also fast. You only need a computer or mobile appliance such as a smartphone or a table and good internet connection.

At first, the developer of RTG software was more concerned with its beauracracy. However, in 2007, the philosophy of RTG focused more on development of casino games.


The great thing about RTG software is its ability to auto update itself. This means that the software will always be up-to-date with the standards in the industry. In fact, this updates usually occur quickly and rarely lead to software crash. This is because crashing is normally avoided through testing during development of the software. This tells you that you will not experience software crash while playing at Springbok casino.


Besides downloading the software, RTG also has a flash platform option. With the flash option, players can log in at Springbok casino and access various types of casino games such as table games, online slots, video poker and card games without having to download the software.

Although the flash option is fast and easy to use, it has its demerits compared to downloading the software. Unlike accessing the casino through the downloadable option, the flash platform does not give players full access of casino games. You will realize that you can only access less than 100 casino games when in reality there are more than 200 games on the downloadable platform.

The downloadable version has also proved to have better performance. Chances of experiencing jerky graphics with the downloadable version are less likely to occur than in the flash platform option.